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Windows 7 Wireless AD Login (PEAP)

I had this request and created a short document on configuring windows 7 to allow AD authentication via the wireless with PEAP.

    Configure SSO on wireless profile

Click on the wireless icon in the task bar.
Right click the SSID
Click on Properties

Click the Advanced settings button
Click the Specify authentication mode checkbox
Select User authentication from the dropdown (optional depending on environment)
Click the Enable single sign on for this network checkbox
Ensure the Perform immediately before user logon radio button is selected

Click OK twice to close dialogue boxes

    Configure Group Policy

Click Start
In the search box type group policy
Open the following folder:
Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Logon

Double click on the Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon setting

Click the radio button to Enabled
Click OK and Exit Local Group Policy Editor
Restart the machine, disconnect from the wired network and verify the logon process works

Prime 1.4, WLC 7.6, Cisco 3700…. when will an end be near!?

As I am preparing for an uprade to a high density area using Cisco equipment, I am looking to implement 802.11ac. I must future proof this project for 5 years. With wave 2 on the horizon and wave 1 in the books, utilizing ac for this deployment made sense.

Or so it would seem……

I, like many others am facing the challenge of preparing my infrastructure for supporting the 3700.

Here is my environment today:
Prime 1.3
MSE 7.4
WLC 7.4 (& 7.0)

I will be upgrading my PI to 1.4 first, installing patch 1.4.1. Then, upgrade MSE to 7.6 and finally my WLCs to 7.6 (starting with a single controller for just the 3700 APs).

This upgrade path will allow us to have minimal impact to clients an begin supporting the new 3700 AP. However, many undocumented features (bugs) have been seen with the 7.6 WLC code. Many not yet ID’d by Cisco yet.

I hope to share these challenges in this post as I work through them and will keep you updated on the progress.